The Cerveceros is a 100% voluntary organization in all of its efforts. It takes a small village with all skill sets to make this community builder run and we could sure use your help. We participate in many events throughout the year.  In other words, if you have the time, we have many opportunities for you to volunteer: 




  • Educators

  • Servers

  • Sargents at Arms

  • Media

  • Logistics

  • Sales

In Appreciation for your Service

We can't thank you enough for your service and help. We would like to show our gratitude by extending you some resources and tokens of our appreciation. Your help and contributions are what make the Cerveceros organization possible. 

                                                    - Thank You !

Recognition on the Cerveceros web page Community tab.

Letter of recognition for volunteered hours for your files.

Special privileges, discounts, or tokens of appreciation (event specific).

Networking opportunities in San Antonio Craft Beer community.

Name recognition for your business or organization on our sponsors list. (Case by case dependent)

Letter of recommendation if you plan on entering the commercial side of Craft Beer.

1hr free private consulting for your Craft Beer adventure.  (pub, brew pub, brewery, man cave, home bar…)

50% off membership for 20 hours of sevice per year per person. If a 2 party membership, both members must participate. Volunteer hours are separate. Discount will be applied to the following year's membership.