The Cerveceros is organized for the purposes of Education and Community building. We make education fun and keep it responsible. All who participate with our organization must be 21 years of age, as-per the state of Texas, in order to sample beers at any of our classes, functions, or events.



Designate a P.A.S.S.

Person Assigned to Stay Sober




San Antonio    210-222-2222

Austin    512-452-9999

Houston    713-236-1111


Rides Under the Influence


  1. Call RUI at 210.999.0200 between 10p.m. and 2a.m. on a Friday or Saturday night

  2. A volunteer team of designated drivers will go to your location* and call you when they arrive.

  3. One volunteer will be your DD and drive your car as the other volunteer follows in the follow car

  4. You get home safe and so does your car. Tip your driver (not required but appreciated) and they leave.