Meet the 2017 Candidates

Ted Bradshaw

Candidate for Vice President

In 2012, Ted joined Cerveceros to begin learning how to brew and quickly developed an interest to all grain brewing. Soon he began to research home brewing systems with partner and started sourcing all the parts he would need to fabricate his own. In 2015, Ted and his buddy completed their first all grain batch on their new system.

Two years ago, Ted started to become deeply involved with the Cerveceros through volunteer and teaching both with Brews and Blooms and the “Teach a Friend to Home brew” event now known as Home brew Festival and Competition. In 2016, he and his brewing buddy won first place at the Home brew Competition. He also brewed 20 gallons of the winning beer in support of the Cerveceros and SA Beer Week. Earlier this year Ted and his wife, Christina, played host to the Cerveceros filming of the Univision piece being aired in February.

During the day, Ted works at Toyota Motor Manufacturing and has done so for the last 29 years from the Paint Department Management to Human Resources Training/Development to Ordering & Logistics. He recognizes that the Cerveceros created the avenue for him to continue to study and learn the craft. Ted is dedicated to teaching and leading this effort with continued improvement!

David Medlin

Candidate for Vice President

David has been an avid beer drinker for many years and while San Antonio is fortunate enough to have plenty of places to sit down and have a nice beer, he considered brewing his own for many years. He has his lovely wife to thank for finally helping push him over the edge into the vast world that is home brew, even though she may now say that she was crazy to lead him down this path. It was his wife that bought him his “well-put together” beginner kit and soon the hobby quickly exploded into making great beer.

David has over 10 years of IT engineering experience, and can say that he definitely leans more towards the scientific side of approaching issues. He is constantly looking to improve a process to ensure he reaches a great final product, not just once, but every time. His goal as Vice President would be to share the love of home brewing with as many people as he could to bring them into our ever-expanding family of beer makers and beer drinkers.

David brings seemingly unlimited amounts of enthusiasm and hunger for expanding the craft beer world throughout this city, not just for this generation but generations beyond. He will use his strong history of project management and “just getting it done” attitude to help make this city a shining example of what a strong community can accomplish when we work together towards a common goal.

Genaro Garza

Candidate for Secretary

For many years, Genaro has developed his skills as a home brewer and craft beer aficionado because he was dissatisfied with the low quality of mass market offerings. He loves the taste and bouquet of a good quality home brew. In his 30 years in the information technology field, he has found that many technicians in the field are drawn to home brewing since both brewing and IT work require a process oriented mindset.

As the IT manager at the San Antonio Art Institute and The International Culinary School, Genaro provided the SA Cerveceros the use of the culinary school kitchens and classroom space for home brew classes and lectures. Due to his efforts the Cerveceros were provided a fantastic opportunity to raise our profile in the local brewing community.

He also has access and connections to the video, photography, and graphics departments at the Art Institute which could assist in providing in kind professional services.

As Secretary he hopes to continue to bring added benefit to the organization.

Clarissa Mata

Candidate for Secretary

Clarissa is interested in becoming an officer for the San Antonio Cerveceros due to her passion for education and the culinary arts. She is especially excited about our continuing partnership with the Art Institute of San Antonio along with the Cerveceros community engagement aspects. She aspires to help grow the craft beer and food community in San Antonio.

During the workday, Clarissa is a Digital Product Manager at USAA where she manages front end development of the website and mobile app. Her love for digital, marketing, and documentation of processes aided to the decision to run for Secretary. She feels that her skills in record documentation, process improvement, volunteer coordination, and communication would serve as a great benefit to the San Antonio Cerveceros in 2017.

After seeing the Cerveceros teamwork, volunteerism, organization, community outreach and after attending her 2nd Brews and Blooms, Clarissa became a member of the San Antonio Cerveceros this past October. Prior to her membership she volunteered with Team Wingman, assisting with two Brew-For-A-Cause events to help raise money with the Cerveceros for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. She was Team Wingman's 2016 Rookie of the Year for assisting with social media and website efforts.

Clarissa's love for craft beer began with her first chocolate stout in 2007. To this day, porters and stouts are her favorite. She became involved in the brewing community by assisting friends on brew days and hopes to start brewing on her own soon. In November 2016, she proudly received her first UFO plate at the Flying Saucer. Her previous experience as a chef has sparked her interest in food and beer pairings thus her interest in pursuing the Cicerone Program.

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